Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Introduction Flight School

Learning how to fly
Learning how to fly
Since as far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to learn how to fly. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to look past the price tag. As a wedding present my Best Man had given me a gift certificate for a free introductory flight at Timmerman Field, a small local airport.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I have just finished my undergraduate studies and I am now one of those productive members of society that people always talk about. I also happen to work for a wonderful company that manufactures video systems for a variety of applications including aviation.

And before that I was able to do some work for a local insurance company that also happened to give great aviation insurance and airplane insurance coverage to people interested in flying. At the time I was there they even started to have something called airplane reinsurance coverage that increased creating even more competition in the aviation insurance business today. But I'm getting to much into details here.

The reason for I wanted to get my pilot certificate is three fold, I wanted to get a first hand look at what pilots may be looking for in our product and better understand the industry in general.

Because this experience is so special to me I also want to record my experience to share with people like me who always dreamed of flying. Most importantly I want to fulfill my life long dream of becoming a pilot.

This is a record of my experiences in hope that it helps people who want to fly or are learning how to fly and inspire those who always wanted to, to give it a try.

Be sure to check out how it goes!
  1. Introduction Flight School
  2. Introductory Flight School
  3. Ground School and Pre-Flight Checks 
  4. First Flight Lessons

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