Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ground School and Pre-Flight Checks

Ground School Checklist:
Cost: $26.60
Total Cost: $26.60
Hours Logged: 0.6

Cessna 172
Cessna 172
Other blogs and articles online recommend trying a few different flight instructors to see who I learn from best. I called Western Shore Aviation in Sheboygan and setup a meeting with flight instructor Nick.

Due to high winds and cold weather we decided not to fly but he recommended that I stop in for an hour or so to go over the plane, pre-flight checks, avionics, and what it takes to get a pilots license.

I plan on training on the Cessna 152 to help cut down cost. Nick mentioned that the 152 is a harder plane to fly but that should help me become a better pilot. Nick showed me how to do a preflight check, looking over linkage, bolts, landing gear, checking the fuel and oil. He also oriented me with the flight panel and avionics. The 152 is very similar to the 172 I flew on the intro flight.

Nick gave me some documentation on short and soft field take offs and landings, slow flight, stalls, and spins. The documentation, for the most part, seems similar to what I was expecting mentioning the mushy controls of slow flight, the recovery procedure for power on stalls and power off stalls as well as common mistakes. However one line in particular, about cross-control stalls, caught my attention

“The roll may be so fast that it is possible the bank will be vertical or past vertical before it can be stopped”

Perhaps it is best not to think too much about this stall until I’ve had a few lessons.

Be sure to check out how it goes!
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